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Physician Services

EXR Medical Imaging (EXR) proudly offers referring physicians instant ONLINE access to patient images through our PACS systems. The PACS systems also allow access to reports as soon as they are available.

Other key factors for choosing EXR Medical Imaging for diagnostic imaging:

  • Rapid turnaround time for routine reports (24-48 hours)
  • Stat cases / verbal reports
  • Radiologist available 24 hours including weekends
  • Multi-modality approach to investigation & diagnosis
  • Regular investment in new diagnostic imaging equipment
  • On staff clinical instructor for the Michener Institute
  • Onsite training of ultrasound technologists
  • Integrated Quality Assurance system allowing continuous feedback to our technologists
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff to assist when necessary

After contacting support@exr.ca for instructions and documentation download the VPN Client Software below.

PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing

EXR Medical Imaging is excited to launch PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing, a secure web service that allows us to share imaging studies directly with other healthcare providers electronically. Through this service we can now provide imaging records to providers through a document called an access page. The access page can be faxed directly upon request by contacting a clinic closest to you and access will be granted within minutes. Our goal with the new launch is to equip our clinic with 100% virtual image release to providers and transition into a zero-CD burning clinic. 

Recipients of the access page have 1-click imaging access without the need for pre-registration, “login” or 3rd-party applications. Imaging renders instantly in-browser in a Health Canada-compliant cloud viewer (eUnityTM), regardless of physician device in full diagnostic quality. Recipients can also download the imaging records without compression and in its original diagnostic format (DICOM) on any computer.


To learn more about Provider-to-Provider Sharing or the access page you received, you can download the following PDF: PocketHealth P2P Recipient FAQ